Descrizione Progetto

1-white way-marco-balzarro

white way

white way-the same

green field

green field

4-steel sundial-marco-balzarro

steel sundial

schlumberger sundial in progress

6-schlumberger sundial-marco-balzarro

schlumberger sundial

7-yellow sundial-marco-balzarro

yellow sundial

yellow sundial-the same

9-red sundial-marco-balzarro

red sundial

10-red field-marco-balzarro

red field

11-triangular green field-marco-balzarro

triangular green field

12-the angel of carrots-marco-balzarro

the angel of carrots

two or three circles

14-black sundial-marco-balzarro

black sundial

some landscape sculptures-models

flying sneil-1968-69

17-flying sneil-marco-balzarro

flying sneil

flying sneil- back

19-hairy hour-marco-balzarro

hairy hour